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Popular ramen joint gives back in the neighborhood

GET 2 Ramen Bowls AND 15% GOES to Blair House



Toki Underground’s known for it’s deliciously rich broth noodle soups, and it's popularity with D.C. ramen slurpers means that wait times can often exceed two hours (even on a week night). But what's less well-known about Toki is its emphasis on people first. This is exemplified with the year-round English language classes it provides for its Spanish-speaking workers and also its community give back during the holidays, on top of great customer service and its cozy ambiance.  

Toki opened nearly 7 years ago as a neighborhood ramen joint offering non-traditional Japanese soup and noodles and quickly became recognized as one of the top ramen spots in the country. It claims the title of the District’s first ramen shop and has made it on the list of the top ramen restaurants across the nation in publications like the Eater or Thrillist.

Whether it’s for date night with the ramen lover in your life or to flat-out win the office Secret Santa (it's not a competition... but it totally is), Toki’s holiday offering is a gift you can feel great about. Through Spread the Cheer Here, Toki is offering a gift certificate for two bowls of ramen at a flat price of $33 (tax included). 15% of the proceeds from gift certificate sales will be donated to Blair House, a local transitional rehabilitation program.


Toki strives to create an environment where staff enjoy working, feel valued and can earn a good living. It also striveS to make great food experiences that guests love.




English classes for Kitchen Staff

Sunday mornings during Toki’s off-hours, volunteers from Reading Partners teach English classes for staff whose first language was not English. The classes are offered free of charge, and staff are compensated their hourly wage to attend class. With this program, Toki hopes to prepare staff for upward mobility within the business itself and beyond. Read a full story here.

Holiday Give-backs

During Thanksgiving 2017, Toki opened their doors to DC’s homeless community and served over 50 meals. For the winter holidays, Toki is giving back 15% of all gift certificate sales, which you can find here.




Though ramen is traditionally part of Japanese cuisine, Toki Underground puts its own spin, fusing in new flavors inspired by Taiwanese foods. 



Don't want to brave the long wait times and want a cozy night in? Toki Underground delivers! 

They're also on Caviar, a food delivery app for popular local businesses. 



Hot soup in cold weather? Yes please. This gift certificate lets you choose any two delicious bowls of Toki Underground's world-famous ramen. 

Toki will donate 15% of each purchase through Spread the Cheer Here to Blair House, a transitional rehab program in the H St neighborhood. Learn more at 

Gift certificate will be delivered to your email within 24-48 hours and can be redeemed by printing it out or showing it on your phone.




1234 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002


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