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Artisan handmade bags investing in women's futures

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Wandering Mango’s co-founders Kelly French and Amy Gawad first met here in DC as grad students at George Washington University, but it’s their globetrotting travels together that puts the 'wandering' in their social enterprise’s friendly name.

On one of their trips, they had the chance to meet members of the Rakkar Women’s Self-Help Stitching Circle in the Sidhbari region of India. By providing income and opportunity, the cooperative circle enables the skilled but otherwise limited-earning women and their families to make ends meet while investing in a future of self-employment and self-sufficiency.

Since then, Kelly and Amy have worked together to build their inspiring mission-driven enterprise focused on educating and activating consumers in the U.S. to support women’s economic empowerment around the world.

In addition to purchasing and selling the women’s bags, Wandering Mango donates an additional day’s livable wage for each item sold. Purchasing a useful, attractive, and unique bag from Wandering Mango directly supports women as they learn income-generating skills.

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The Women of the Rakkar Self-Help Stitching Circle

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The seven women who form the Rakkar self-employment group produce hundreds of beautifully crafted bags each year. Kelly and Amy have been a great help to the group purchasing bags to be sold at Christmas bazaars and online.”
— Nishtha Trust and Community Centre


As one of the few socially acceptable skills in that region, every hand sewn bag created is a step toward independence. With every product purchased, Wandering Mango reinvests in the cooperative program allowing more women to be trained. 

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The Dhari Tote and cross-body Round Bag are two of Wandering Mango’s most popular items, among knapsacks, yoga mat duffels, kit bags, and more. Bags generally range from $10-$40.

For each item sold, Wandering Mango donates an additional day’s livable wage to a member of the Rakkar Women’s Self-Employment Group.

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