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Outfitting and empowering feminists of all ages

Zora & Amelia is donating $1 to Planned Parenthood for each item PURCHASED


She believed she could, so she did

After attending the Women’s March this past January, D.C. native AnneMarie Horowitz was fired up and ready to channel the frustration so many of us were feeling into positive action. She set out to create a one-stop-shop for feminists of all ages and genders to find the inspiration to stand strong and stand up for what they believe in. 

Given its origins, Zora & Amelia definitely has the gear you need to supercharge daily acts of #resistance - beautiful posters and prints for your home and office, t-shirts to help you proudly wear your values on your sleeve. If there's someone in your life who would absolutely rock a pair of Ruth Bader Ginsburg earrings or a baby you want to see in a "Feminist"-emblazoned onesie, look no further than Zora & Amelia.

But dig a little deeper and you'll quickly discover that AnneMarie's pop-up sensation is so much more. There are toys that empower girls to smash expectations about what they 'should' be interested in. There are books that inspire readers of all ages with stories of amazing women. If you're done with girls' toy aisles being a pink nightmare, we think you'll find something to love and something to gift this holiday season at Zora & Amelia.



Why Zora & Amelia?

AnneMarie named her shop after Zora Neale Hurston and Amelia Earhart.

She hopes her products will inspire all people, especially young girls, to be courageous, caring, and ambitious, just as these well-known feminists were.

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Building local community


Empowered women empowering women

Zora & Amelia supports other female entrepreneurs by sourcing its products primarily from women-owned businesses. By carrying products from women-led companies like Sewing Circus and Owl & Hop, Z&A is furthering the cycle of empowerment for women every day and setting a positive example for feminists of all ages.

Supporting organizations Year-Round 

Zora & Amelia also contributes to various nonprofits throughout the DMV area all year-round. At each pop-up shop, Z&A donates a percentage of the proceeds to a nonprofit teaching young girls how to be confident and courageous changemakers. Some of the organizations Z&A has supported in the past include the YWCA, Girls on the Run, and Capitol Hill Arts Workshop.



What people are saying about Zora & Amelia

I never want my daughter to feel ‘less than’ because she is a woman. I love that Zora & Amelia provides me the opportunity to shop for products that encourage her to learn and explore fearlessly, and reminds her about what she *can* do, in contrast to the inferences she might make from other ‘girl’s products’ about what she can’t.
— Taren D., Bellevue, Washington.
I am the father of three beautiful, intelligent, and amazing young girls. I am so excited about a store dedicated to women’s empowerment and fun.
— Josh S.



There's so much to choose from, but here are a few great gift ideas to help get you started!




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